söndag 30 oktober 2011

MMA: Penn Retires -- GSP-Diaz Back on for Super Bowl Weekend -- Diaz, GSP Sound Off

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BJ Penn Calls It Quits After Loss
From MMAWeekly.com

137 Results: Questions Answered & Lessons Learned
From Bleacher Report

GSP vs. Diaz Back On for Super Bowl Weekend
From MMAFighting.com

Crucial Lessons Learned from Diaz's Huge Win
From Bleacher Report

Post-137 Press Conference: Diaz Sounds Off
From MMAFighting.com

Why Penn Is Right to Retire
From Bleacher Report

GSP: I'm Going to Put the Worst Beating on Diaz
From Bleacher Report

Bonuses Announced: Who Took Home an Extra $75k?
From LowKick.com

GSP Talks Diaz-Penn, His Injury Status, & More
From Heavy.com

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