måndag 7 februari 2011

UFC 126 Winners & Losers -- Jon Jones Best Ever? -- Steven Seagal Taught Lethal Front Kick -- 10 Fastest Finishes in UFC History

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Winners and Losers from UFC 126
From Bleacher Report

Dana White Says Jon Jones Could Be Best Ever
From MMAWeekly.com

10 Fastest Finishes in UFC History
From Bleacher Report

Steven Seagal Taught Anderson Silva the Lethal Front Kick
From MMAFighting.com

Writer Says Anderson Silva is the Greatest MMA Fighter Ever
From Bleacher Report

Mauricio Shogun Rua vs. Jon Jones Betting Line
From 5thRound.com

Anderson Silva's Front Kick and the Best UFC Finishes Ever
From Bleacher Report

You Need to Read Chael Sonnen's Reaction to Silva Win
From MiddleEasy.com

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Antonio Silva: Head-to-Toe Breakdown
From Bleacher Report

Why Anderson Silva Would Destroy Georges St. Pierre
From Bleacher Report

Where Will GSP-Silva Title Fight Land?
From YahooSports.com

10 Reasons Anderson Silva Needs to Move to Light Heavyweight NOW
From Bleacher Report

Chuck Liddell Celebrates Packers Super Bowl Win With Players
From CagePotato.com

Top 10 Light Heavyweight Title Fights of All Time
From Bleacher Report

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