onsdag 12 januari 2011

MMA: Brock Lesnar as TUF Coach -- Strikeforce Grand Prix Main Card Set -- UFC vs. Strikeforce, Comparing the Heavyweights

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Brock Lesnar & Dos Santos Named TUF Coaches -- Latest Details
From Bleacher Report

Main Card Set for Strikeforce Grand Prix
From MMAFighting.com

UFC vs. Strikeforce: Comparing the Heavyweights
From Bleacher Report

6 Greatest Pick-Up Artists in MMA
From CagePotato.com

Dana White Gives More Details on Brock Lesnar Coaching Announcement
From Bleacher Report

Werdum Has "No Problem" Fighting Overeem in Strikeforce Grand Prix
From 5thRound.com

UFC News: Jon Jones Officially Leaves Bombsquad
From MMAValor.com

The Year of the Heavyweight in MMA
From ESPN.com

Nam Phan's Guide to Judging in MMA
From MiddleEasy.com

MMA's 15 Most Intriguing Fights on the Horizon
From Bleacher Report

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