onsdag 15 december 2010

UFC Announces Monster Event -- 129 Headliners Revealed -- Tyson vs. Fedor or Cro Cop? -- 25 Bold Predictions for 2011

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UFC Announces Monumental Brazilian Event in Rio -- Details Here
From YahooSports.com

Monster Headliner for UFC 129 -- Abu Dhabi Out, New Jersey In
From Bleacher Report

25 Bold MMA Predictions for 2011
From Bleacher Report

Mike Tyson Almost Fought Fedor & Cro Cop?
From MiddleEasy.com

10 Best Upsets of 2010
From UFC.com

WEC 53 Main Card Breakdown
From MMAValor.com

10 Fighters MMA Fans Are Sick of Hearing About
From Bleacher Report

10 Best Fights in WEC History
From Heavy.com

Fedor: If I Never Fight in the UFC, They Will Be Sorry, Not Me
From MMAConvert.com

Why Doesn't GSP Finish Fights?
From Bleacher Report

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