onsdag 8 december 2010

UFC 124 Odds + Predictions -- James Toney Calls Rampage "Black Redneck" -- UFC Headed to Brazil

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Odds and Predictions for Every Fight at UFC 124
From Bleacher Report

James Toney Calls Rampage "Black Redneck"
From MiddleEasy.com

Lesnar-Mir Trilogy: 10 Reasons a Third Fight Would Be the Wrong Move
From Bleacher Report

UFC to Make Debut in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
From 5thRound.com

What Josh Koscheck Must Do to Defeat Georges St-Pierre
From Bleacher Report

WATCH: The Strike You Need to See -- "Knife Hands"
From BarstoolSports.com

Koscheck Predicts Early KO
From MMAFighting.com

UFC Middleweight Issued 18-Month Probation
From 5thRound.com

Power Ranking Georges St. Pierre's 14 UFC Victories
From Bleacher Report

Will Thiago Alves Ever Wear UFC Gold?
From Bleacher Report

Photo of the Day: UFC 126 Poster
From MMAValor.com

What GSP Must Do to Beat Josh Koscheck
From Bleacher Report

GSP is the Greatest UFC Welterweight of All Time
From Bleacher Report

WATCH: GSP Teaches Mascot Self Defense
From YouTube.com

4 Steps to Fixing Judging Under the 10 Point-Must System
From Bleacher Report

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